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Windows 8 Apps Created by Gary Hengeveld

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Phantom MP Media Player

Enjoy this realistic Car Stereo that plays your MP3's and MP4's. Use the working Volume and balance knobs along with the auto open/close video screen and other buttons.

Zombie Runner

Save yourself!!! It's the Zombie apocalypse and You must get home to be safe. It seems like every few seconds there's another one. They are spreading fast And Now there are walls blocking the way... How many points can you get.

Cartoon Crash

Cartoon Crash - Singing Sam is a fast paced Card Game. Use your attacks, Defenses and even your special ability to destroy your opponent. Some choose an all out attack and some take a more defensive stance. Which One is Better?... You Decide.

GT Music Amp

Forging his own path through a unique blend of Rock, Metal and Modern sounds independent recording artist GT has creatively breathed new life into the classic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock genres. Conceived and developed by brothers Gary and Scot, GT is blazing a new trail once again, with this one of a kind App. The GT Music Amp features working knobs, buttons, lights and switches allowing fans to immerse themselves and become a part of the app. This is one truly amazing app!


Your One Stop Automotive Calculator. Why Try to remember all the equations when you can just enter the stuff you know and get the answer fast. Currently there are 16 calculators including: -Cylinder Volume -Displacement -Stroke -Bore -Compression Ratio -Chamber Volume -Displacement Ratio -Amount to mill -Piston Speed -RPM -Horsepower -Torque -Brake Specific Fuel Consumption -Brake Horsepower Loss -MEP(Mean Effective Pressure) -Taxable Horsepower with more to come


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